Twiglet, The One Month Round Up

I can’t believe that it has been an entire month since Twiglet was born. It has gone so so so quickly! She has already grown out of some clothes, is holding her head up for longer periods of time and is smiling! It is the cutest thing EVER! (Well apart from my other gorgeous bunnies, who are also super cute).


So………… is my one month round up on my smallest little bundle:


  • Milk, but only from a Dr Browns bottle, natch.
  • Her big brother, I think it’s something to do with those big rimmed glasses
  • Daddies boomy voice, I’m putting this down to the skin to skin she got from Daddy in the operating theatre.


  • A clean nappy. Pooing in a clean nappy is much more fun.
  • Wind.
  • Match Of The Day, oh no wait, that’s Mummy

Best moment of the last month:

  • Meeting her brothers and sisters (oh and Mum and Dad of course)

Worst moment of the last month:

  • Catching a cold and having a bunged up nose 😦


I have to say that the first month of having Twiglet isn’t quite what I was expecting. Newborn babies I know how to handle, I totally have that shiz down. Handling a 3yo, a 6yo and a 9yo I can do spinning on my t&^s. Doing both, at the same time, while juggling Christmas shopping, school plays, parent/teacher meetings and everything else, is not so easy. Thank god for coffee……………..and wine!


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11 thoughts on “Twiglet, The One Month Round Up

  1. crafts4thekiddies says:

    Ahh I love this! I admire you 4 children you’re a pro! There is exactly 2 years between my girls and I don’t have a single day that goes to plan! Especially when you have a 6 month old that has no idea what a day time nap is! Both my girls have an amazing bond with their Daddy and I believe as well that skin to skin contact has a part in that! #picknmix 🙂


  2. AmyLovestoSew says:

    So lovely – my little one is 3 weeks old today so was born only a week after Twiglet (who is as cute as a button I must say!) I REALLY admire the fact you’ve got 4 children though – wow, I’m struggling to adapt to having just one! Have found myself thinking many a time these past three weeks, how does anyone do this when they already have children!? And yes, mine too feels the need to soil a clean nappy just as soon as it is on, must also be a personal favourite!


  3. acornishmum says:

    Gorgeous photos 🙂 Eek to the cold, it’s a nightmare when they’re babies and have a cold I found, we used to have hankies with vicks on hanging all over their room in the vain hope of their nose being clear enough to sleep when my eldest was small.
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie x


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