Hello wonderful people of Tinterweb!

I’m Phili, Mum to 4 hyper kids, Wife to a hard working husband. I know what you’re thinking, she must have a pelvic floor like a trampoline she must really love having babies. Well you’d be right! I’m not so sure on how much I love tweens though, maybe I should have thought about that 9 years ago!

This site is designed to help keep my sanity, oh and to encourage other stay at home mummies out there to make the most of the situation they are in (yeah yeah it’s the best thing in the world spending all your time with your kids, but it can be BOOOOOORING too).

I am always looking for new blogger friends and followers to be my new besties, because apparently a grown woman can’t be BFF’s with their 3 year old. Please please please follow me, like me, share me, pin me, work with me, in fact do whatever you fancy! In a virtual sense, of course.