Homemade Sleepyhead




I am a little addicted to Instagram ATM. And one of the big trends are these baby nests. The Sleepyhead is the most popular, and one of the most expensive too! I’ve got 4 kids, I can’t afford haircuts, let alone £100 on a Sleepyhead!!!! So I turned to the wonders of Pinterest and made my own. Suck it, Sleepyhead.


Twiglet seems to like it and sleeps so well in it. We are transitioning to her cot (in our room) soon, so this will be an ideal way to help settle her in.

In case you aren’t a whizz on the sewing machine, you can grab a Sloeepyhead from Amazon for only £99.

Sleepyhead – Amazon – £99

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Derek The Donkey

Our little part of Devon is a tad religious. The local church takes over the school every weekend and most holidays, making it a pretty central focus for our “suburb”. They  have also positively impacted our lives by bringing a weeks worth of cooked meals round when we had twiglet (HUGE help), embracing J into the youth group and giving me an entire week off by providing a holiday club in the summer holidays (God bless free childcare).

So while we aren’t church goers, we do feel a little bit of a bond with the local church. So when they announced they were creating a life sized advent calendar and we’re looking for volunteers, I couldn’t say no!

Basically you open your door/garage/driveway to reveal something “adventy”. After too much searching on Pinterest (which, btw, the vicars wife LOVES! I’m practically in the gang already), we came up with the idea to decoupage a donkey. I know. Piece of piss.

Derek didn’t turn out too bad, and all the faults were hidden by the fact that it was dark outside, phew. Mince pies were eaten, hot chocolate was drank and the kids had a brilliant time making Derek the Donkey festive.

Derek being decorated. 

Derek getting ready for his debut  

Derek under construction. 

I feel like this was our little bit if giving back to the church community, and the kids absolutely loved it! Not sure we’ll do it again next year, but then again Derek does need a mate…….

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The Weekend Box Review – From The Archives

I was sent a weekend box last week from the Weekend Box Club to review and share with you guys. The concept is that it is filled with ideas and activities for you and the kiddos (age 3-6) to do over the weekend. This box was an Aztec themed box, which was really interesting and full of facts to get the kids brain whizzing.

Inside there were a collection of activities to choose from. The two that the girls really enjoyed were the mosaic coaster making and the bird craft. Insert super awesome pictures of my tiddlers handy work for you all to go “ohhhhh” and “ahhhh” over. 

My Little Miss (5) LOVED the activities as she is just so crafty, and she was so excited that she was able to read all of the instructions by herself. It’s really nice for her to feel that even though I am there joining in, she is able to be independent, and with all the materials included, she barely needed me at all!

Thanks to the lovely people at Weekend Box Club, you can use this special magic code to try your first box for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Just head to their website – www.weekendboxclub.com and pop this code “PHILIPPA192″ into the promo section. Don’t forget to let me know how your tiddlers got on with their weekend craftiness!!!!

This blog post is a review of a product sent to me for free. The views are my own and unbiased.