Colic Can C*&k Off! – Dr Browns Bottle Review

From day one twiglet decided that she was going to be a menace to feed. She didn’t latch on properly, she had the strongest suck EVER yeah, ouch much and she was losing a lot of weight as a consequence.

Then when we moved on to formula, she decided to be the windiest baby in the WORLD! I know at only a week old it can’t be classed as colic, but I knew we needed to do something about it before it DID become colic. So that perfect hubby of mine, at midnight, headed to the supermarket to buy some Dr Browns bottles. Sure they’re expensive, but so is the concealer I keep having to buy to hide the bags under my eyes. Let me just say, they are worth every penny! I am astonished that every parent that bottle feeds hasn’t got these bottles!


And they come in pink and blue too!!!

Dr Browns

They are a bit tricky to put together, but when you get the hang of it, you can (and will) do it in your sleep. I highly recommend the Dr Browns bottles to anyone who has a windy baby or thinks their little one might be suffering from colic. They are a LIVE SAVER!