I’m baaaaaaaack!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve written a post, what a neglectful blogger I am! Never fear though, I am back on it and ready to fill you in on all the booooooooring details of my busy (yet somehow unproductive) life and our not so little family.

The kids are growing at a rate of knots. Twiglet is already 13 months old and has the biggest personality in the whole house! Tiny MIss has started school and is loving it (that’s a lie, she spends most days snuggling me saying “can’t we just stay in bed today”. But if I write she’s loving it, maybe it will come true eventually). Little Miss is rocking life atm, she is on the go constantly with all her after school activities (cue empty purse). JJ is in year 6 now, yeah that’s right I’m THAT cool Mum that struts around like she owns the place because her kid is in year 6, BOOM!

Hubbs and I are run ragged at the moment but LOVING the hustle and bustle of having 4 kiddos running around. Watch this space to see how much more hustle and bustle we can squeeze in!

Anyway, that’s you lot up to speed for now. I really look forward to getting back into the swing of blogging each week, here’s hoping I don’t fall off the “blog wagon” again 😉


Derek The Donkey

Our little part of Devon is a tad religious. The local church takes over the school every weekend and most holidays, making it a pretty central focus for our “suburb”. They  have also positively impacted our lives by bringing a weeks worth of cooked meals round when we had twiglet (HUGE help), embracing J into the youth group and giving me an entire week off by providing a holiday club in the summer holidays (God bless free childcare).

So while we aren’t church goers, we do feel a little bit of a bond with the local church. So when they announced they were creating a life sized advent calendar and we’re looking for volunteers, I couldn’t say no!

Basically you open your door/garage/driveway to reveal something “adventy”. After too much searching on Pinterest (which, btw, the vicars wife LOVES! I’m practically in the gang already), we came up with the idea to decoupage a donkey. I know. Piece of piss.

Derek didn’t turn out too bad, and all the faults were hidden by the fact that it was dark outside, phew. Mince pies were eaten, hot chocolate was drank and the kids had a brilliant time making Derek the Donkey festive.

Derek being decorated. 

Derek getting ready for his debut  

Derek under construction. 

I feel like this was our little bit if giving back to the church community, and the kids absolutely loved it! Not sure we’ll do it again next year, but then again Derek does need a mate…….

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No Summer Slide Here!-From The Archives

Once a Home Edder, always a Home Edder. It never really leaves you and you always want to keep your little ones happy and inquisitive by giving them something to investigate, read or just colour in!

So this summer, I have made up some “learning packs” for the kids so that they can have an hour each morning just to keep their brains ticking over. For the first few days of the holidays I thought I’d let them chill out and get over the academic year a bit, well what a mistake that was! They were at each others throats, irritable and hyper by lunchtime on the first day. I quickly got my arse into gear and got their packs sorted (thank you Teachers Pay Teachers).

It’s amazing what a difference even 30 mins of being stimulated with worksheets and reading session can do for my little brood. They get on, they seem content and they are soooooooooooo much more bearable for the rest of the day!

If they get a bit fidgety and don’t want to do any of their “learning packs” then I pop on a Cosmic Kids Yoga video which helps get rid of any excess energy. I’m a bit tempted to find a kids zumba video/DVD for later on in the hols in case they get bored of yoga.

Anyway, here is what is in the tiddlers packs at the moment, I feel like i’ll be adding to it towards the end of the holidays, simply because they are getting through it all so quickly!!!!

I purchased this from Teachers Pay Teachers ( Available from here) for JJ. He has been going to a holiday club run by the local church this week so has had TONS to write about in his journal.

This pack is from The Moffatt Girls who I stalk on Instagram. Little Miss is LOVING these activities! Especially the Roll, Add and Colour. Find this pack and others here.

And of course we couldn’t leave out Tiny Miss who is obsessed with writing and colouring at the moment. This freebie (I also downloaded the Handwriting Galore pack) is ideal for getting her interested in numbers and getting her ready for Nursery in Sept. Find these downloads here.